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Immune System
Anti-Bacterial Digestion

Advanced uses of Aloe Vera Barbadensis

All claims to Aloe Vera effectiveness are based on approved products by the Aloe Vera Trade Association. Please do not read these articles and run down to your supermarket or health food store for Aloe Vera expecting the same results, you will be disappointed. Like vitamin, mineral and oil supplements on the market, most if not all are eliminated from your body as toxins. Without proper preparation and the energy of the organism still alive, supplements are nothing more than dirt or worse to digestion! The register of approved products available is a very short list indeed. Please research this site for qualifying manufacturer products with a history of value and results.

Taken internally as a juice, Aloe Vera becomes a powerful supplement to your diet. Not only is the juice nutrient rich, but Aloe contains many healing properties for the very ill. The relationship between the 200 components in Aloe Vera all working together to heal, cure and relieve pain explains the long list of ailments this medicinal plant resolves. There are six antiseptic agents accounting for Aloe's ability to eradicate infections. These same agents are also responsible for the pain killing effect of Aloe Vera. As an anti-inflammatory, the three fatty acids contained in Aloe Vera help to resolve a host of problems associated with digestion, arthritis, and wounds. There are valuable sugars found in the gel, especially the polysaccharides, which are absorbed complete and enter the bloodstream unchanged. These sugars are responsible for a tremendous immune system response, resetting auto immune disorders back to normal. Add to all this, Aloe Vera is a great storehouse for vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.