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Introduction Document 1


Advanced studies published in medical journals testing the effectiveness of Aloe Vera have startling little awareness of plant preparation. These studies extract specific components of aloe in an effort to isolate the intended chemical for study. The scientist uses high heat and toxic chemicals to extract and sterilize for preparation. Elements and compounds of Aloe Vera must be used together and in the same energy state as the live plant. Though Mass Spectrometry measurements may indicate the intended chemical present for study, the isolated compound has lost its necessary reliance on the other 195 constituents of aloe. In addition, the heating and chemical washing diminishes the concentration and effectiveness of aloe. Further, the loss of the subtle energy creates a substance that cannot communicate with the cells of the body making the compound extract a foreign material targeted by the immune system. Just as sodium and chloride by themselves do not add the necessary mineral (salt) to our diets, one must also question the isolation of Aloe Vera compounds for study. Also, the specific species and maturity of the Aloe is recklessly omitted making one wonder if the Aloe for study is in fact, Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller of mature 5 feet of growth, grown in nutrient rich soil. Finally, studies that isolate aloe compounds, then inject into subjects evading the digestion system, circumvent the intricate complex properties of aloe obliterating the plants natural assimilation into the body. As a caution please read how the Aloe Vera is prepared for study carefully.