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Annual Fees
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Aloe Vera Trade Association Fees

A schedule of annual fees will be announced shortly. The fees will cover the expense of testing and administration costs. Each product tested and passed will be re-evaluated annually at random dates. Products that do not pass can be re-evaluated after a one year waiting period. An annual renewal of fees will be necessary to continue labeling products with the Aloe Trade Associations trademark. Products which pass independent testing the first year but fail the second will be flagged as failed products on current lists published and updated on this website. You may request additional testing for an additional fee if your product fails. If the second test fails the product is not approved. You may re-apply for Aloe Trade Associations approval after a one year waiting period. All fees are non refundable with one exception: the fee for requested second testing will be refunded if the product passes.

The Aloe Trade Association reserves the right to test products at will and as many times necessary to preserve the integrity of the Association.

Fee Schedule

  • $$$$ Anual fee
  • $$$$ Product testing fee per product
  • $$$$ Re-testing fee at manufacturer's request per product