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Your Health

Your Health

Our immune system is a good indicator of our health. Any virus, bacteria, low energy, autoimmune disorder, disease or allergy should be a signal to us that our health has reached an extreme low. Just getting the common cold should be a gigantic red caution light. If these signals go unheeded, more serious illness could be next.

Today, low or zero nutrient soil, pesticides, herbicides, hybrid food and genetically altered food combined with the massive amount of pollutants in the air, earth and water has placed our immune system under enormous strain. Even with the most perfect diet and growing your own organic food, our immune system is simply overwhelmed. Our bodies are under siege by an enemy of extreme power, we must regain our most important ally in defeating illness, our immune system.

How do we fight back against such overwhelming odds?

A method to win the battle and supercharge your immune system:

  1. Take aloe vera three times daily
  2. Detoxify every cell in your body
  3. Drink structured, alkaline, pure water as 95% of your fluids
  4. Eat for health, organic and as close to the natural species as possible
  5. Move, the Lymphatic system functions 95% on muscle movement
  6. De-stress by caring for your emotional heart
  7. Discover the love of God and your spiritual dimension, the big picture
  8. Never eat deep fried food or drink soda pop
  9. Treat your body with at least the same respect and discipline as your automobile
  10. Respond to the battle by prevention, avoid illness by being prepared
If we can raise the level of our immune system to maximum strength, you can do battle and defeat the most frightening disease, and never even know the battle took place. A healthy immune system is able to kill cancer, parasites, viruses, bacteria, infection, and more! Unless artificially introduced by a massive amount of disease causing pathogens, your peak operational immune system can't lose.

A healthy immune system allows the body to heal itself without unnatural drugs. A weak immune system can't even conquer the common cold. If you "just have a cold", take drugs, and continue life as normal, not only do you spread the virus to others, but you continue to weaken an immune system that is giving you a huge warning light to stop! This is your time to stop and rebuild your health with the 10 steps listed above. If you already have much more severe symptoms, allergies, stiff joints, headaches, mental lapses, digestive problems, WARNING, you are deep into an extremely weak immune system, take action now, today! If you already have a life threatening disease, then the ten steps become vital and further treatment is necessary.

So is caring for the immune system just too much work to bother with? The time to choose good food and good water is the same as deciding to choose badly. Why do we want to "reward" ourselves by fueling ourselves with poison? Would you mix gasoline with toxic waste to fuel your car? Would you just leave the oil warning light glowing hoping it will go away? We can always just wait for the serious disease to develop, then have surgery, radiation or poison our bodies with prescription drugs and hope for the best.

Let 2011 be our year to be kind to our bodies, family, friends and enemies.