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Welcome to the Aloe Vera Library

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Alo Vera Trade Association

Welcome to the Aloe Vera Library, dedicated to the advanced knowledge base of the Aloe Vera Barbadensis plant. The Aloe Vera Trade Association represents the consumer by testing aloe products under strict independent laboratory standards and posting the results on this website.

The FDA standards are extremely vague and misleading resulting in products ranging in aloe content from 0% to highly concentrative volumes. This labeling nightmare for the health conscience aloe buyer has given this amazing plant a reputation of undependable results.

There are over 200 manufacturers of aloe products on the market, most having zero benefit to your health, due to the low volumes of aloe in their products. This website is dedicated to supplying you with accurate information on the treatment of injuries and illnesses with tested and approved products. This combination of information and testing are a team you can trust to give you the advertised results repeated throughout the ages.

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