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Immune System
Anti-Bacterial Digestion

Aloe Vera and the Immune System

The immune system is an extremely complex synergistic organization of specialized cells working with many different mechanisms to combat invaders from all sources. The main purpose is to differentiate between invading pathogens and host cells. Most interesting is the process of distinguishing non-host commensal bacteria, such as the beneficial bacteria in the gut, from a non-host assailant. The white blood cells and their immune defense mechanisms circulate the body through the lymphatic and circulatory systems searching for pathogens.

There are two levels of protection Innate and Adaptive:

Innate defending outside of cells

  • Macrophages devouring pathogens
  • B-cells
  • Anti bodies
  • Epidermal barriers
  • Mucous membranes
  • Saline excretion
  • Perspiration
  • Respiration
Adaptive Internal and more complete destroying pathogens inside and outside of cells.
  • Memory B-cells
  • Antigen receptors
  • CD-8 killer T-cells
  • CD-4 multifunction T-cells
  • TH1 , TH2 and TH17 Helper T-cells
  • Regulator T-cells
  • T-cell modulation
  • Dendritic cells imbedded in all tissues

Aloe Vera benefits the immune system by providing special nutrients to aid in complete digestion, breaking down toxins and assimilation of valuable nutrients. The 18 polysaccharides in Aloe Vera aids digestion by first relieving inflammation and repairing damage to the mucosal intestinal wall caused by the breakdown of toxins. These toxins irritate and permeate the walls leaking incomplete digested toxins into the lymphatic system. These negatively charged oxygen molecules, or free radicals, migrate to the bloodstream furthering their destruction on the arterial walls causing platelets to respond to the injury. Polysaccharide cell healing and propagation properties repair the wall damage keeping undigested foreign proteins from entering the body. The immune system is then free to combat viruses, bacteria and parasites, instead of being constantly at battle cleaning up non-host toxic proteins circulating the body.

Proficient digestion and undamaged intestinal walls coupled Aloe Vera's natural laxative properties make for an environment hospitable to good bacteria or pro-biotic flora. Thus the buildup of fungal and parasitic organisms in the gut become controllable, resulting in complete elimination, further lessening the strain on the immune system and boosting performance.

The 23 polypeptides in Aloe Vera are a rich source to the immune system which desperately needs the short chain amino acid polypeptide for construction of antigen receptors. These receptors are used by B-cells maturing in the thymus to become killer T-cells released into the body to further propagate in the lymphatic nodes and target highly specific pathogens.

The essential amino acids in Aloe Vera are necessary for building the protein released from B-cells known as anti-bodies. The anti-bodies are released into the body providing the perfect dimensional fit to the intended antigen. The B-cells are now equipped with the perfect key to fit the lock of the correct pathogen and destroy it. Macrophages are signaled and innate immune response is initiated. After the attack is complete B-cells continue in smaller numbers as memory B-cells providing an instant response to a returning pathogen of the same identifying antigen.

Acemannan, a long chain sugar or polysaccharide contained in Aloe Vera, now extinct in our diet, is the only known source of mannose. Mannose aids in permeation of cell walls allowing nutrients to flow in and toxins out more efficiently. This detoxification and nutrient exchange strengthens every cell of the body including the white blood cells and the potency of the immune response. Though our bodies can produce mannose from glucose, an entire mannose transport system exists just for the assimilation of this one sugar deeming mannose a vital nutrient in our diet.

Other constituents of Aloe Vera aid in cell propagation, up to a 6 times faster reproduction. For the immune system in T-cell secondary response, this is a God send. As pathogens are identified, T-cells need time to build up force, this also gives the pathogen time to reproduce. When Aloe Vera accelerates T-cell production 6 times, T-cell response is faster than pathogen reproduction meaning you would never get sick, or recovery time would shorten tremendously.

Aloe Vera nourishes your body with 196 constituents penetrating every cell including the valuable stem stems of the bone marrow which produce red, white and platelet cells. Stem cells is where immune cell production begins, Killer immune cells must then mature in the thymus gland, then filter and identify antigens in the lymph nodes propagating to numbers of sufficient quantity to overcome the pathogen.

Incidentally, the well known topical properties of Aloe Vera to the skin are of great value to the immune system. The barrier organ, the epidermal layer of the skin is your first immune defense mechanism. Healthy skin, like any cell, needs to function efficiently allowing nutrients in and toxins out. Also, sweating is a principal way of releasing toxins from the body. Aloe replenishes the immune system from the outside as well!