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Aloe Vera Trade Association

The Aloe Trade Association is a newly formed group with the purpose of identifying high quality aloe products through extensive testing. Standards are set by benchmarks already in place by aloe products achieving predictable, repeatable results. These targeted standards are the minimum allowed and include the volume of product necessary to achieve the Association's standards. Concentration levels and dosages are an important addition to the standardization of Aloe Vera products.

To receive the approved seal for use on labeling products, a manufacturer must pass a series of random tests on their products. Tests will include either or both Mass Spectrometry and Cell Proliferation. At this time the Association has not determined the testing stages, once determined the tests will be identical for each product.

The process of approval to display the Associations Approved trademark on aloe products is on two levels. In level one, you may display the Associations seal only on products which are approved through our independent lab tests. Level two, you are awarded membership when all products in your line are approved.

The Association trademark will be issued to a manufacturer on a product by product basis. Tested aloe products which pass are moved to the approved status rating and the Association seal is approved for labeling only on the product which passed. A manufacturer may optionally become a member when all products under your label have passed testing. Member status is the prestigious standing of high quality products throughout your entire line of goods.

If you are a aloe vera manufacturer and wish to have your product listed in our resources please let us know. Your product must be tested and confirmed by an independent laboratory of our choice.